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The only reason you can use the voices without paying in other screen-readers is that screen-readers use some of the profit from selling their screen-reader to purchase licensing to use the voices.  Obviously, there is no money from profit for the developers of NVDA to pay the company that produces the voices for licensing to use them.  Compare the price of other screen-readers with NVDA.  Then compare the price of purchasing the add-on or the SAPI version of the voices with that cost. 

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At 01:32 AM 8/3/2019, Gene wrote:
 >An add-on is what it says, an add-on.  It isn't part of the
 >screen-reader.  Many add-ons are free.  People develop them as a
 >volunteer, non profit activity.  That doesn't mean they all are.  The
 >add-on for voices that charge for their use must be paid for, just as
 >the SAPI 5 voices you are discussing must be.  they are for profit voices.
 >And if I want to develop an add-on and charge for my work, that would
 >be my decision.  I can charge even if it all my original work.

Agreed. However, I think it's excessive to have to purchase both the
Vocalizer voices and the NVDA addon just to use those voices with
NVDA. Thatt voice venture would set one back by $184. I understand
rewarding people's work in creating addons that render previously
inaccessible applications accessible. But if NVDA requires an addon
to run voices that every other screen reader can run on the SAPI5
Vocalizer license, that's a fundamental design flaw in NVDA.

Orlando Enrique Fiol

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