Re: code factory voices addon

Rui Fontes

Yes, one from CodeFactory and another, older, from Tiflotecnia.

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Rui Fontes
Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 02:21 de 03/08/2019, molly the blind tech lover escreveu:

Hi ☺
Are there 2 vocalizer add-ons? I
*From:* <> *On Behalf Of *Josh Kennedy
*Sent:* Friday, August 2, 2019 11:22 AM
*Subject:* Re: [nvda] codefactory voices addon
not sure. I hope so. But I just bought both codeFactory eloquence vocalizer nvda-addon license, and vocalizer sapi5 license, and I am patiently waiting for my license keys to arrive. I already own two sapi5 eloquence keys, and I back up my important order information onto google drive so I do not lose it. I bought sapi5 vocalizer so I can have some good voices for audio games. But I am on a tablet with limited storage so when I install vocalizer voices I will install the smaller voices which are about 60mb per voice, rather than the full voice which is around 300mb per voice.

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