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Hello Josh,

Yes, you can, but only if you are in the USA. We here in Bulgaria still have to pay over $1000 for JAWS plus $150 per each yearly SMA upgrade, if I'm not mistaking. And those high prices is one of the reasons for many JAWS users here in Bulgaria to switch to NVDA (I've done that switch to NVDA almost a decade ago). And no - we don't get the possibility to obtain JAWS via some sort of government funding for home use, unfortunately. Only some users are lucky enough to get it for their job and when they leave that respective job, JAWS remains property of the employer and not the user. Yes - stupid - I know, but that is how it is.

And Freedom Scientific/Vispero know that in countries like Bulgaria purchases of JAWS are very low due to the high prices and still refuse to provide the annual subscription variant to such countries. Stupid - isn't it (?). Because it is better to get $100 per year for each sold JAWS license, than to get $0 from each not sold permanent license (because almost nobody here in Bulgaria can afford such a $1000 license).

And I'll stop here with my rant. I just wanted such things to be clear, so people don't get confused from statements like yours Josh that anybody can get a cheap JAWS license.

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

На 3.8.2019 г. в 17:20, Josh Kennedy написа:

but with jaws now you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars. you could choose to subscribe to jaws and get all voices and features plus 3 activations for $90 united states dollars per year. 

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