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Don H

works fine on my laptop using the 2019-2 rc1 version of NVDA using google chrome as my browser

On 8/4/2019 9:03 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi group,
Well, it's football time again here in the US (that's American football of course--not what we here in the states call soccer.)  So I have been trying to access the NFL website at
I haven't visited it much for the past several months.  When trying to access it today, I see it has become almost inaccessible.  It is very sluggish, items clicked on don't respond or if they d it's many seconds after clicking.
Has anyone else experienced this on the NFL website?  I know it has been going down hill for the past several years beginning with the virtually inaccessible NFL Field Pass restructuring of 2016.  I tried notifying the NFL management about this via their e-mail links and even by phone calls to their New York City headquarters and received no response at all (and yes I was assertive but polite.)
Thanks for any input on this issue.

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