Re: code factory voices addon

Orlando Enrique Fiol

Hi Josh.

yes that is correct. sapi5 vocalizer works with NVDA.
sapi5 eloquence also works with NVDA. the codeFactory NVDA vocalizer
eloquence combo addon also of course works with NVDA.
I just tried installing one of the SAPI5 Vocalizer voices in the trial version. Not only did NVDA not see the voice, it didn't even show me any SAPI5 voices.

If you don't plan on moving frequently to different computers and
taking NVDA with
you on a flash drive, then I would just get the sapi5 vocalizer and
sapi5 eloquence or whichever one you prefer. But it really is up to
you and how much money you want to spend. You could just choose to
spend $69 on the addon and just have the voices tied into NVDA. It is
up to you.
I'd rather not have the voices tied to NVDA, since I want to use them with Window-eyes and Kurzweil 1000. But NVDA doesn't seem to recognize them without the addon.

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