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NVDA recognizes SAPI 5 voices.  In the synthesizer menu, there is an item that says something like Microsoft SAPI 5.  People are using all sorts of SAPI 5 voices and some people are using old SAPI 4 voices with NVDA. 
I'm not sure what DecTalk version you are referring to.  A Number of years ago, I tried one that is not at all like the DecTalk people are used to.

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Sent: Sunday, August 04, 2019 9:02 PM
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>You could also do a google search for the flameOfHope website and the
 >word decTalk. But due to the fact that the addons for decTalk floating
 >around out there are kind of buggy as far as crashing and switching
 >decTalk voices well I would really love to buy a decTalk 4.3 sapi5 and
 >a decTalk 4.3 NVDA addon from codeFactory that is stable and works good.

There is already a SAPI5 version of Dectalk that doesn't crash and
sounds very similar to the original. But, as with all SAPI voices,
NVDA doesn't recognize it.Orlando Enrique Fiol

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