Re: Sluggish NVDA for Weeks

Pascal Lambert <coccinelle86@...>


I have been experiencing the sluggishness since my laptop was updated to latest Windows version 1903.  It is more noticeable in Outlook and Firefox.  I think it is a Windows issue, that, in the past, disappeared with time.



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Have those with such problems tried an earlier version of NVDA?  And what versions of Windows are being used.  Is this an NVDA problem, a Windows problem such as caused by a Windows 10 full upgrade, or something else I haven't thought of.  We need to try to rule in or out possibilities. 


What add-ons are those with these problems using.  Have they done so before the problems started?  Did an upgrade of something occur immediately before the problems started?


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I experienced this same issue with Notepad++. I sent an email to the list about it, some sort of dispute arose between some others which went totally off topic, and the thread was closed. With this particular application, I noticed the same exact thing... Very noticeable delays in speech output.

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