Re: CodeFactory eloquence and vocalizer licenses


If you purchase the Sapi5 voices why purchase the NVDA addon?
Well, Josh explained it on this very same thread :)
And, thanks to this explanation, now I know the real difference between the sapi voice and the add-on for it.

Josh wrote:
So, why did I personally decide to spend $184 on both the sapi5 and the addon you may ask? I spent the $184 so the sapi5 voices could stay permanently on my computer, but if I ever want to take NVDA with me to someone else's computer I can choose to do that just by making a portable copy of NVDA and putting it onto a flash drive with the codeFactory addon, while leaving my sapi5 voices behind. It is far easier to quickly run and register an addon rather than installing and uninstalling sapi5 voices on each computer I may go to. so the sapi5  voices remain stationary on my machine and my machine only. while the addon can come with me on a flash drive if I wish, use it on another machine then deactivate its license when I am done using it, like at a library.

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