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Austin Pinto <austinpinto.xaviers@...>

this group is running without rules now

On 7/14/16, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@gmail.com> wrote:
Hmmm if he had plenty of chances, where was the warning.
on a lot of forums I have used you get a private warning and then a
public one.
To my knowledge, I saw no guidelines for the group.
No policy was posted nothing was mentioned.
Sorry friend but I am not buying it.
Kicking joseph is not the problem though I would have liked more notice.
However now you have closed down the new member joining you effectively
have made a private group for yourselves.
I have no problem with that I just don't want any part of it thats all.
You actually never explained reasons publicly in fact whenever anyone
was pulled there was little to no explanation of why.
It didn't bother me but maybe it should have bothered me more.
I'm sorry but you did this to serve yourown interests.
You didn't say why, and there were no warnings publicly.
There were no guidelines no ifficial policy was made.
There really need to be rules to violate before you start flexing muscle.
To be honest I don't think you understand that or deem it necessary to
do so.
To the rest of you tell me if I am being to harsh, but they asked and I

On 14/07/2016 1:01 p.m., Patrick Wilson wrote:
You didn't give joseph lee a chance to defend himself and I do the same
now.??? He had plenty of chances, anyone that may have gotten removed from
this group had plenty of chances, interesting

On Jul 13, 2016, at 7:55 PM, michael chopra <justforlists689@gmail.com>

Good afternoon everyone. As an admin of said group, I am sorry to say
that we, Shawn, did give the said user a chance. Because he didn't give
us good reason to keep him in both groups, we removed him. Sorry for your
inconvenience. The way things are, we decided to make it so that only we
who are in these groups can add anyone,.
Thank you for reading and understanding.
From Michael.

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Subject: [nvda] nvda skype group and skype groups in general

Hi all users.
I am having some serious concerns about groups on skype.
I know we are not able to control what goes on outside this forum,
however, while I like unmoderated groups from time to time on loose
topics etc, I do see times when a moderator was needed.
Yesterday some users had issue with another user.
How he came accross and said user saying sapi4 didn't work on windows 10
which it does, saying that I was unsure never have used it in 10 myself.
I do know old sapi5 ms voices can cause dammage, etc.
Said user was removed without a chance to defend his actions.
Then both groups had their join features disabled.
It also appears with skype groups in general that everyone can add
remove, disable, hide unhide everything and everyone and the only
protection is to ask not to.
Clearly skype groups are not secure.
Once someone has a dissaggreement it can turn ugly quite fast.
I have seen random strings, and other junk posted on some of these and
offtopic chatter which I was happy to take part in.
I am no longer associated with both groups involved though.
A few days ago there was a descussion on what group or list was a good
mediam for nvda.
A forum and a email list came up.
From what I saw yesterday, an email list and forum can be moderated and
not everyone has admin power.
Yesterday it demonstrated how unready we as a community or at least some
of us are ready for that power.
Because of this to those in the groups effected I am not coming back.
You didn't give joseph lee a chance to defend himself and I do the same
You have driven me away from what I thought would be a good group, and
have shown me skype groups are not the best medium for descussion at all
especially if they can not be moderated or secured.
There are a lot more things I want to say but I have said my bit.
I also know by putting this I am probably making enemies here may even be
cutting my path out of the groups involved, but I have no choice really.
I know we as a community are better than this.

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