Re: importing my favourites help?

Zoe Fiogkos <fiogkos@...>

Sounds good to me, let me play with it and if I run into problems I’ll let you guys know.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] importing my favourites help?


Open Internet explorer and then open the file menu.  Look through the items and you will find an item that says import and export.

Press enter.

I don't know how much further instruction you may need but it is a wizard or it is like a wizard and you can look around and work through it. 


When you first open it, you are in a list of radio buttons.  Down arrow to export to a file then tab through the dialog to find the next buttton.  I can go through the entire procedure if necessary but you may not need further help. 



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Subject: [nvda] importing my favourites help?


Hi guys before I retire my windows 7 laptop how can I export my internet explorer favourites and transfer them to my windows 10 laptop?  Obviously I need a thumb drive and I have one but what do I do, can anyone give me steps on how to.



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