Important: list migration plan #adminnotice


*** For Groups.IO members: the below message was also sent to Freelists version. ***


Hello everyone,


This is your acting head admin speaking…


Some of you may have noticed hashtags as part of the subject line. On Groups.IO, you can add hashtags to subject lines to make archive searching easier (if the head admin approves, I’ll let members create hashtags).


Now to the subject at hand: This is to inform you of our list migration plan for the next few weeks as we retire Freelists list. This is designed to give you time to switch over to the new list provider and to adjust to the new environment (including the user interface).


Migration plan:


·         List became online: March 3, 2016.

·         Stage 0: Contacting members set on vacation at Freelists: March 1st through 15th. I’ve received a handful of replies from these members and plan to switch them over to our new list provider if permission is granted.

·         Stage 1: No more new subscribers on Freelists: Starting today (after Groups.IO list becomes operational), no new subscribers will be allowed on the Freelists version of this list. Also, NVDA community wiki will be updated to point to Groups.IO page, and an invite will be sent to Freelists list members to join the Groups.IO list. If you’d like to remove yourself from the Freelists list before the list closure happens, please do so AFTER official notice is given today.

·         Stage 2: Membership migration: Starting from March 7th, members will be asked to migrate to the new list provider (you can join now if you wish). This is also the day when members who request “instant switchover service” will be added to the new list (that is, if you cannot subscribe via email for whatever reason, send an email to and the admins will add you directly; this is a limited time offer (will last for two weeks)).

·         Stage 3: Archive freeze: members will be allowed to post messages until March 31, 2016. From that point on, only four more messages will be sent from admins (not to be archived): last membership migration reminder, archive freeze declaration, list status report, farewell address and list closure notice. The archive freeze is necessary in order to transfer archives of Freelists version to Groups.IO, hoping to be complete before first session of NVDACon 2016 begins (April 22nd, 21st for some).

·         Stage 4: List closure: Immediately upon the end of the last session of NVDACon 2016 (May 1, 2016 for some), the Freelists list will become history. Members remaining until then will be removed from Freelists list.


Thank you for your cooperation.



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