Re: CodeFactory vocalizer licenses

Orlando Enrique Fiol

Hi all,
I obtained my Vocalizer SAPI5 license and installed all the voices last night. NVDA sees them all, although they're not sorted in any discernable order. I was excited when II opened the Vocalizer control panel and encountered a check box for enabling a pronunciation dictionary in the options. One can even import something called a CFD file, which is presumably a pronunciation dictionary. However, since there is no documentation about how to create one and no sample CFD files in the program, I am temporarily stumped. I even created one dictionary entry with the Code Factory UI in order to see if a file would get created. Itt didn't. That was one of my main motivations for purchasing the SAPI5 license rather than the NVDA addon; I figured that I'd make one pronunciation dictionary that would be processed by the Vocalizer engine regardless of screen reader. That is proving to be a bust.
Also, these SAPI5 voices make JAWS crash every few minutes. The responsiveness is also painfully slow. All in all, I would probably revoke my license if I could get a refund.

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