Re: 2019.2 rc2 continues to double reading treeview itens in eclipse

Quentin Christensen

Hi Alexandre,

Just since you said "continues", have you reported this before?  I had a look on our issue tracker, and found one issue which looks quite similar (treeviews, but with checkboxes read twice), closed (fixed) back in 2015.

Did it start with a particular version of NVDA?

Also, which version of Eclipse are you using?  It looks like the newest is 2019-06.



On Thu, Aug 8, 2019 at 8:41 PM Alexandre Alves Toco <alexandretoco@...> wrote:

Hi friends.

When navigating treeviews in eclipse, nvda is Reading the item that is losing the focus and the iten that gain the focus.

This is a very anoying problem for those who work with eclipse because it slows down very much the navigation and this ide uses treeviews extensively.



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