Re: Mathematics in Microsoft Word

Lukasz Golonka <wulfryk1@...>

On Thu, 08 Aug 2019 05:34:54 -0700
"Supanut Leepaisomboon" <@supanut2000> wrote:

The ability for NVDA to natively support reading and interacting with equations created with Microsoft Equation Editor would be great, as this would eliminate the need for, let's say, teachers to create a specialized version of math materials that uses Latex/MathType equations just for someone who relies on NVDA.

While I generally agree that having better accessibility of Equation
editor would be nice the biggest issue here is the problem of Braille.
With both MathType and LaTeX the solutions are already there in the
former case MathPlayer has Braille tables for many languages and in the
latter LaTeX_access is a solution. Expecting Braille tables for math
symbols included in LibLouis for every language is simply not realistic.
I'd like also to point out that you can convert materials from Equation
Editor to LaTeX and I believe to MathType, so usually there is no
additional preparation of material required.

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