Re: NVDA finding the current window class name and children/parent

Sean Murphy



Thanks. As I do not recall seeing the keyboard command in the user docs.


The console when I used it last, did not automatically read out the output. I even had issues with using the NVDA object Nav commands. So is there anything special I should be doing here to get the output to read or even find it?


Do I need to import any of the modules or just issue the relevant example code which was in the dev docs in section 3.9 which got the parent and child window? As what I am trying to is fairly simple and I don’t want to have to learn NVDA’s environment as of yet. As I am troubleshooting a issue between two screen readers for windows.



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As for children and parent you can use Python console.


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Does NVDA have a module or shortcut key already built that will look at the current control (object) with focus and give me the window class name? I did see the developers guide documentation and I could not use the example. It gave errors and I do not have the errors at hand.


I also would like to know the child or parent. This is build in Jaws by default. Any help is grateful.


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