Re: 19.03 windows update and launching NVDA automatically after logging in

Luke Davis

Do you have NVDA set to run on secure screens? If so, there is a known bug that may be fixed next year some time, whereby whatever screen reader runs on the logon screen, will also run in all user accounts, whether you want it or not.
This is a Microsoft thing, and while we could probably develop an NVDA specific workaround, it would be a major cluge.

If that is your issue, you can find more information and chime in, on:


On Thu, 8 Aug 2019, Akshaya Choudhary wrote:

Hello guys, I have just installed 19.03 windows 10 update and it automatically launches NVDA after I log in. I have unchecked the relevant option in the
NVDA welcome dialogue box, but NVDA is still launching automatically. Can anyone help? 

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