Re: Outlook Bug When Scrolling Through Messages

kelby carlson

Here is a log from when I tried this:

INFO - __main__ (08:16:59.197):
Starting NVDA
INFO - core.main (08:17:00.957):
Config dir: C:\Users\kcarlson\AppData\Roaming\nvda
INFO - config.ConfigManager._loadConfig (08:17:00.957):
Loading config: C:\Users\kcarlson\AppData\Roaming\nvda\nvda.ini
INFO - core.main (08:17:01.259):
NVDA version 2019.1.1
INFO - core.main (08:17:01.259):
Using Windows version 10.0.17134 workstation
INFO - core.main (08:17:01.259):
Using Python version 2.7.15 (v2.7.15:ca079a3ea3, Apr 30 2018,
16:22:17) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)]
INFO - core.main (08:17:01.259):
Using comtypes version 1.1.3
INFO - core.main (08:17:01.259):
Using configobj version 5.1.0 with validate version 1.0.1
INFO - synthDriverHandler.setSynth (08:17:03.446):
Loaded synthDriver eloquence
INFO - core.main (08:17:03.923):
Using wx version 4.0.3 msw (phoenix) wxWidgets 3.0.5
INFO - brailleInput.initialize (08:17:03.928):
Braille input initialized
INFO - braille.initialize (08:17:03.938):
Using liblouis version 3.8.0
INFO - braille.BrailleHandler.setDisplayByName (08:17:03.940):
Loaded braille display driver noBraille, current display has 0 cells.
WARNING - core.main (08:17:04.042):
Java Access Bridge not available
INFO - _UIAHandler.UIAHandler.MTAThreadFunc (08:17:04.065):
UIAutomation: IUIAutomation5
INFO - core.main (08:17:05.334):
NVDA initialized
ERROR - RPC process 10644 (nvda_slave.exe) (08:17:16.051):
slave error
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "nvda_slave.pyw", line 94, in main
File "comHelper.pyo", line 22, in _lresultFromGetActiveObject
File "comtypes\client\__init__.pyo", line 180, in GetActiveObject
File "comtypes\__init__.pyo", line 1247, in GetActiveObject
File "_ctypes/callproc.c", line 950, in GetResult
WindowsError: [Error -2147221021] Operation unavailable
INFO - globalCommands.GlobalCommands.script_navigatorObject_devInfo
Developer info for navigator object:
name: u'Flag Status Red Flag replied has attachment From
mdjblattenberger@..., Subject Message from "RNP0026736F9330",
Received Mon 5:25 PM, Size 3 MB, In Folder Archive,'
isFocusable: True
hasFocus: False
Python object: <appModules.outlook.UIAGridRow object at 0x05B31B70>
Python class mro: (<class 'appModules.outlook.UIAGridRow'>, <class
'NVDAObjects.behaviors.RowWithFakeNavigation'>, <class
'NVDAObjects.UIA.UIA'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.window.Window'>, <class
'NVDAObjects.NVDAObject'>, <class 'documentBase.TextContainerObject'>,
<class 'baseObject.ScriptableObject'>, <class
'baseObject.AutoPropertyObject'>, <type 'object'>)
description: ''
location: RectLTWH(left=360, top=508, width=414, height=70)
value: None
appModule: <'outlook' (appName u'outlook', process ID 12096) at address 58fbdf0>
appModule.productName: u'Microsoft Outlook'
appModule.productVersion: u'16.0.4266.1001'
TextInfo: <class 'NVDAObjects.NVDAObjectTextInfo'>
windowHandle: 2560368
windowClassName: u'OutlookGrid'
windowControlID: 4704
windowStyle: 1442840576
windowThreadID: 8524
windowText: u'Table View'
displayText: u''
UIAElement: <POINTER(IUIAutomationElement) ptr=0x839e1a0 at 57da3a0>
UIA automationID:
UIA frameworkID:
UIA runtimeID: (42, 2560368, 4, -236)
UIA providerDescription: [pid:12096,providerId:0x0 Main(parent
link):Unidentified Provider (unmanaged:OUTLOOK.EXE)]
UIA className: LeafRow
UIA patterns available: LegacyIAccessiblePattern, GridItemPattern,
InvokePattern, ScrollItemPattern, SelectionItemPattern, ValuePattern

On 8/7/19, Quentin Christensen <quentin@...> wrote:
There is information on log files at:

One way, if it's an issue that you can replicate without then needing to
reboot or something afterwards - replicate the issue, then press NVDA+F1 to
open the log. Press CONTROL+A to select all, then CONTROL+C to copy,
create an email to me (or the list) with details of the issue and how to
replicate, then press CONTROL+V to paste.

Kind regards


On Thu, Aug 8, 2019 at 1:45 AM kelby carlson <kelbycarlson@...>

Yes, I believe so.

On 8/7/19, George Bell <george@...> wrote:
Are both systems running the same version of Windows 10? The current
version is 1903, but there have been updates to even that version


From: <> On Behalf Of kelby
Sent: 07 August 2019 14:31
Subject: Re: [nvda] Outlook Bug When Scrolling Through Messages

I don't believe the ad-ons are any different on my laptop than my

I also have a home laptop with the latest NVDA, WIndows 10, and
which does not have this problem. This leads me to believe it must have
do with the specific computer, though I can't imagine what the problem
They are both Lenovo brand.

Kelby Carlson

Quentin Christensen
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Kelby Carlson

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