Re: How to Stop NVDA saying down arrow when reading command keys?


I made a speech dictionary entry for down arrow, writeen in just that way down space arrow and in the pronunciation field, I placed a space. it worked. You will have to make dictionary entries for any keys you don't want spoken. But I don't think you should make one for tab. there are times when tab is spoken in multipage dialogs such as general, advanced, etc.
Actually, IMHO that shouldn't be done with any of these entries at all.
Just imagine you are reading a tutorial, then somewhere along that tutorial the author writes something like:

Press Alt + down arrow.

In this case, NVDA will read just "Press alt +" and the instructions won't be followed correctly, unless the person spells the entire line, maybe the entire text.

A better solution would be an add-on for working only with the keyboard case. Something that the NVDA Global Extra Plugin (or something like that, can't remember the exact name) seems to do, as indicated by Rui on another message.

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