Re: winamp

Giles Turnbull

I think the best you can get is by Alt-Tabbing from WinAmp to a different Window and back, at which point you hear the track title.

One thing I have noticed, and I don't know if it's a Windows update that has made this happen, but all of a sudden I can navigate the playlist window and NVDA will read the tracks and I can hit enter to start that track playing. Until maybe two weeks ago all I could do was play a directory and enqueue more files if I wanted and then manually skip forwards with the CTRL+b shortcut.

It has always been a bugbear that I can't navigate the playlist on my Dell laptop because I can on my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, and both versions of WinAmp are the same and both are using the latest stable release of NVDA.

Sometimes if I have a couple of hours-worth of tracks lined up in Windows that I want to play again, I'll go to the playlist and, although I can't navigate it or hear what the title of the first track is, I hit enter and the playlist starts playing. Then,  about two weeks ago, I heard the track title and, lo and behold, I can navigate the whole playlist window again. Needless to say I'm totally delighted by this, though haven't installed any new software lately so, other than perhaps a Windows update, I can't think how it happened! :)


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