Re: disabling NVDA collapse/expanded prompt in firefox 68.01


i am not familiar with newer versions of firefox,
but i believe that its good to test disabling autocomplete in firefox
i disabled it in my favorite version of firefox which is firefox 50.
hope that can helps you, God bless you!

On 8/10/19, Orhan Deniz via Groups.Io
<> wrote:
Hi. probably something really obvious I'm missing here but has anyone
figured out a way to disable the NVDA collapsed/expanded prompt in the
firefox address bar of version 66 and upwards? I find it to be
slightly irritating and cumbersome as I just type my address and then
move on, I
don't need to know whether its expanded or collapsed in this instance.
I have also disabled autofill in about:config however I believe this
is something to do more with NVDA than ff. also using NVDA 19.1.

Cheers, Orhan.

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