Re: Windows 10 mail app reading inconsistently in email composition window

David Griffith

I am replying to your message using the latest build of NVDA and windows Mail  on Windows 10 19.03 with full normal reading and typing feedback.

There is a slight anomaly which has existed for some time in that when I first reply to a message and want to type in the edit field I need to press the alt key quickly twice to get proper typing focus.

After that NVDA behave entirely normally and as you would expect.

I am not sure then what is causing the difficulties you are experiencing but it does not appear to be generalised.

Have you considered making a fresh install of NVDA?

David Griffith

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From: David Moore
Sent: 10 August 2019 00:03
Subject: Re: [nvda] Windows 10 mail app reading inconsistently in emailcomposition window


hello all! I am so glad that you brought that up about how the Windows mail app is acting. I have had exactly the same problem in the Windows 10 mail app, what I have to do, is use the review cursor reading commands to read the mail message with the review cursor, find where I want to edit, and then press the key command to move the focus to where the review cursor is, and then I can cracked my mistakes. The the review cursor is the only way I can read an email. You are cracked, if I simply use the up and down arrow keys the focus will not say the correct text at all for what is on each line and the message that you are typing in the mail app. Nvda has not worked well in the Windows 10 mail app for a long time when it comes to typing, reading, and doing just about anything with messages. I have to use many round about ways to even use the Windows 10 mail app oh, like I said, I have to read messages with the review cursor. David Moore


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