Issues when using NVDA with comments in MS Word

Akshaya Choudhary

Hello guys, 
I'm facing several following issues while using NVDA with word:
1. NVDA doesn't announce anything while entering a comment section.  By pressing Alt+R, N,  we can enter the next comment in the document, NVDA successfully enters the comment section, but no announcement is made. When I arrow up and down to read the text, it is then an announcement is made. It states comment section, then reads out the text in the comment section.  Sometimes no announcement is made while exiting to the main body of the text also. 
2. No announcement is made while jumping from one comment to the other. When in a particular comment you can simply jump to the next by pressing say all command or by simply Ctrl and down arrow, NVDA doesn't announce comments being jumped. You wouldn't know in which comment you are. It is very difficult to know where a particular comment ends. 
3. Impossible to edit a comment without entering the comment section. Using the letter A in browse mode, it is possible to jump from comment mark up to comment mark up within the body of the main text, but it is not possible to edit it from there itself. After navigating to a particular mark up, the context menu after pressing the application key doesn't provide the option of editing the comment. Although, I think I remember seeing the edit option once, I'm not sure though. 

I would be grateful for any help in these issues. I would say, NVDA not announcing anything while entering a comment section and while jumping one comment section to the other  is creating most difficulty and ambiguity for me. 


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