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That sounds like a great idea!


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It is, but the price model was excellent. So something like 3-4 captchas a day for free, then if you want to dip into the amount of credits you bought, let's say $1.19 or $2 or 20 captchas which expire every 3 or 5 months then that would keep the spammers out.

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On 10 Aug 2019, at 6:05, cecropia64 wrote:

problem is?? that web visum no longer works anyway.?? stopped working a long time ago and it hasn't been revived for quite some time.?? so that particular item is out of the conversation now.

On 8/10/2019 5:56 AM, Gene wrote:

As I recall, Webvisum allows four captchas to be solved free per day.?? Some arrangement like that would seem to be the best since it allows light users to do what they need to do and would keep heavy users, such as spam bots from using it.?? Four times a day would be worthless to a spammer.



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It does seem like a lot to me, but then I don't solve more than 4 or 5
capcha yearly (at least I didn't last year).?? I know this makes things
more complicated but a per-solve fee would make more sense: bots would
definitely never pay even $1 for a capcha (this would completely prevent
them from abusing the system, heck,

$.01 a year would).

But, yeah, just a thought!


On 8/10/2019 2:09 AM, Hope Williamson wrote:
> Hi, just curious, but wouldn't it be better to charge yearly? For
> instance $30-$50 per year?


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