Re: A Possible Bug with NVDA Find Function


When searching an opened message, if you are reading e-mail as HTML, you will be in browse mode and the same search commands apply as when on the Internet.  I don't know if any e-mail programs cause you to be in browse mode when you read mail as plain text.  Windows Live Mail doesn't. 
Did you start this thread because you had different behavior in the same contexts with earlier versions of NVDA?  If so, that would indicate a change.  If you are using a different context now, we need to know just what you are comparing with what.
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Are you positive it's the NVDA search you're getting there?
Well, to be honest, no, I'm not sure. How can I make sure that's the case?

And, in case it's not, any way to force NVDA to "take control" of this thing? :)

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