Re: Issue with NVDA, Thunderbird, and pasting links

Quentin Christensen

I must admit I don't use Thunderbird all the time, but I just tried using NVDA 2019.2 RC2.

Using Thunder 52.9.1 32-bit, (Told you I don't use Thunderbird all the time), I created a new message, typed a few words, alt+tabbed to a browser, copied the URL, came back and pasted it, what I found was that NVDA would report the keystroke if I have speak command keys on, but not otherwise acknowledge pasting the link.  When I read or arrow through the message however, NVDA didn't have any trouble reporting the link when it got to it.

Letting Thunderbird update to version 60.8.0 (32-bit), I repeated and found exactly the same behaviour.

Maybe there is something in your log?  See for info on getting to the NVDA log.



On Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 7:07 AM Scott Berry <sb356607@...> wrote:
Hello there,

I am noticing while pasting links in to my emails that NVDA 2019RC2 is
taking some time to realize that the email link has been pasted in to
the message.  Usually I always read my messages before sending unless I
am in a hurry and I notice that when the link is first embedded it
doesn't want to read the link unless I go up and down with the arrows
several times.  It can vary how many times this is done.  Here are the
exact steps I take.

1.  Open Thunderbird.

2.  Open a new message with Control plus N.

3.  I first write the message and when I get to the point where I think
the link needs to be embedded I have the link in the clipboard and paste
it in to the message.

3A.  I always try to make sure the link actually embeds so I will
especially just look for the link by going up and down as well.

4.  Usually at this point is where I proof read the message and here is
where NVDA has a hard time attempting to read the link.

NVDA is great and I use it every day for my work as a patient advocate. 
I prefer it over any other screen reader that Windows can provide me with.

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Quentin Christensen
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