Re: unlabeled buttons

Kevin Cussick

we really need a graphics labeller, now I am not a coder. I do remember there was some discussion about it some time ago but it got dropped. maybe it is time to take a look at it again.

On 12/08/2019 15:45, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
You can look at the add ons page but I don't recall there ever beeing a way to label any buttons. I'm not in front of my windows machine but maybe look throughthe wonderfully written menual and see if I forgot something? I might have as I don't need to really label anything, and have not for about 9 years, at least on windows.
Take care
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On 12 Aug 2019, at 2:42, Robert Doc Wright godfearer wrote:
Is there anyway in NVDA to label a button that is not labeled? For
example, in SPL Creator when adding information to a rotation there
are two buttons that are not labeled. I figured out that they are
decrease and increase. I would like to label them.
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