Re: Issues when using NVDA with comments in MS Word

Akshaya Choudhary

Thank you, Quentin. 
If I turn on UI automation, NVDA starts to announce its entry into a comment section, and Ctrl+Up or Down arrow doesn't jump NVDA to previous or next comment. But, when in UI automation mode, my Alt+Down arrow command stops functioning. I cannot navigate the text by sentence. I tried reassigning a shortcut via customize ribbon commands. I'm partially sighted, so I could see the cursor moving down one sentence, but NVDA wasn't announcing anything. 
Also, I have noticed, NVDA doesn't read out selected text in word automatically. I have to apply read selected text command. For example, when I jump to some text in the document via Find and Replace commands, NVDA only announces the first line of the selection automatically. To read the entire selection I have to apply read the selected text command. The issue remains the same while exiting a comment section. When I exit a comment section, the text in the main body, to which a comment is attached, is selected by word. But, NVDA doesn’t announce the selection automatically.

Could you help with this?




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