Re: Word Press


Well it depends what you are used to.

I find the gutenberg editor a complete mess and a waste of my time.

Its quite bulky even though its supposed to be more accessible now and had so many issues during testing it was held back.

For me classic editor works well enough but I am quite basic in my posts.

I have people some ofthem blind that think of the block approach similar to tetris and enjoy doodling with the advanced systems.

It depends how involved you want.

My blog has a 0spam plugin, a php checker, a healthchecker, a twitter api, and a couple other things as well as jet pack monitering.

However as I said, I have had the same simple setup for nearly 20 years now and I really can't see any reason to bother moving forward.

Its not like I am left in a hole, I mean the plugins update and the wordpress version so its not like I am disadvantaging myself in the least.

Its true you need to install the classical editor plugin but thats fine.

The only change I have made of late is implimenting ssl into the blog.

I mean it was implimented but not inforced and now it is.

Bar removing outdated and broken plugins and themes I havn't bothered with many differences for the last 20 years and have gradually built myself up to a level I want.

But then you can say the same thing with winamp.

Its crap and in the past and some stuff doesn't play nice with it and I know I should use fubar but I don't care to and I have all the plugins I need and if it becomes to crappy or winamp6 doesn't do what it does I can use wacup which I may just do anyway at some point.

On 14/08/2019 6:05 AM, AKH AKH wrote:
Has anyone developed a website using NVDA and WP?  If so, what page
editor did you use, please.



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