Re: NVDA and the AutoComplete List in Outlook 2016

Abbie Taylor <abbietaylor945@...>

Meanwhile, there's a work-around. It requires a few more keystrokes, but it works. Instead of trying to use the auto-complete feature in any of the fields, use the To, Cc, and Bcc buttons located above the fields. When you press any of these buttons, a dialog opens. You can then type the first few letters of the recipient's name and press Enter. A list that NVDA can read is displayed. You can arrow down and find the contact you want. Press Enter three times, and the recipient's name and/or address are placed in the appropriate field. Keystrokes access these buttons: Alt plus T for to, Alt plus C for Cc, and Alt plus B for Bcc. I hope this is clear and helpbbl.
Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

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