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Dark Count

Okay, got it.


I figured out what the problem is, the sentense nav addon was conflicting with alt down and alt up arrows.

I sure love my addons, but we are running fast out of keyboard.


On 8/12/2019 4:01 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:

Looks like Microsoft have been playing with it again!

Ok, looks like when you press F7 you now get a summary of how many spelling and grammatical errors there are and you can press ENTER to go to the first one.  Either an extra step or a useful bit of information, depending on how you look at things.

When you are presented with a spelling error, press tab or down arrow to the first suggestion then either tab or arrow through the list (or stay on the first one if it's what you want).  Once you've found the one you want, press ENTER to change this occurrence, or press alt+down arrow to open a drop-down list where you can choose "Read aloud" (L), "Spell Out" (no quick letter), "Change all" (A) or "Add to Autocorrect" (R).

Annoyingly, from the suggested change, you can't press alt+A to change all, you do have to open the drop-down list and then press A or select that option.

On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 8:50 AM Dark Count <darkcount1@...> wrote:

I have just started working with office 365 and word.

Other than the odd looking spell checker dialog, the only thing that is
puzzling me is that I can't find the change all, and change buttons.

Within the suggestions list I hear split button but there does not seem
to be any way of activating them.

Very odd since the buttons for ignore and ignore all are all present.

Currently using NVDA 19.2 rc2

Any tricks?



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