Re: Is there an accessible way to make Facebook calls with NVDA?

John Isige

NVDA-numpad-enter via object navigation, though I honestly don't see how it could matter. Activating a button should be activating a button, no? I had to do that because there aren't any menus, since it's an UWP app, and tabbing does nothing whatsoever. So as far as I can tell, it's the *only* way to activate buttons, will outside of routing and clicking I suppose.

On 8/14/2019 14:46, Gene wrote:
How are you activating the buttons?
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Hi all. So somebody wants to do Facebook calls with me. I see there's a
Messenger app from the Microsoft Store, but when I installed it just now
and it came up, there doesn't really seem to be a way to do anything
with it. Using object navigation I see there's a list of buttons about
logging in, but activating them doesn't seem to do much. I use for Facebook, but I don't think you can do calls through
it. Is there a way to do these with NVDA? I tried getting them to use
Skype but they don't seem to want to, even though they have it. The only
thing I've found on desktop is the Microsoft Store app, and that doesn't
seem to be accessible, unless I'm missing something. Everything else is
pretty much talking about phones, and I don't have one.

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