Re: Accessible music notation software compatible with NVDA

Devin Prater

Try Lilypond. It is a notation markup language, which can be converted to PDF or Midi. Being a simple text file, Lilypond files can be written with NVDA using Notepad++ or any other editor, and its compiler is a program run on the command line, or in Powershell if you use that more. It is the most accessible.

On Aug 15, 2019, at 12:40 PM, Morne van der Merwe <mvdm13@...> wrote:

Hello list
I’m planning to complete my music studies and one of the modules is called Music Technology.  I must also be able to compose.  Is there anybody on the list who use a music notation software like Sibelius or Cakewalk Pro with NVDA?  And if so, how accessible is it?  And if not, are there other recommendations available on the market?
Kind regards

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