Re: Accessible music notation software compatible with NVDA

Orlando Enrique Fiol

Hello Morne.

I'm planning to complete my music studies and one of the modules is called
Music Technology. I must also be able to compose. Is there anybody on the
list who use a music notation software like Sibelius or Cakewalk Pro with
NVDA? And if so, how accessible is it? And if not, are there other
recommendations available on the market?
I have been playing around with a program called Musescore and thus far can input pitches right from the qwerty keyboard. However, I don't yet know whether I can specify note values from the keyboard, insert dynamic markings, articulation signs or items above staves such as lyrics and chords. I keep hearing rumors about Sibelius finally being accessible, but thus far haven't found a single blind person using it.

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