Re: Accessible music notation software compatible with NVDA

John Isige

Here's a demo of MuseScore.

And if you look at the main blog here:

you can find accessibility updates that were done for writing, I'm
pretty sure, like so.

And here's something on Ver. 3.

I don't know what's implemented and what's not, because I haven't messed
with 2 much and I didn't even know 3 existed. But it sounds like there's
potential work happening anyway. But the docs already linked to and this
should give you the full range of stuff to play with so you can see what
works and what doesn't.

On 8/15/2019 16:39, Jaffar Sidek wrote:

Hi.  I am currently commisioned to write a musical and I am using
MuseScore, a free, open source project.  It is quite accessible with
NVDA.  I am pasting the link to the accessibility documentation for
you so you can determine for yourself if it will serve your needs:

Sibileus is a fantastic score writing app, but it does cost quite a
bit.  I have tried it and it works well with the NVDA Addon specially
written for it.  That though was a few years ago, and I don't know if
it will work with the latest versions of Sibelius.  But I am aware
that Sibelius works well with Narator, something, I must admit that
did surprise me.  Anyways, Tried Musescore and see if it will help
you, and you can contact me off list if you need further help.  I'll
do my best.  Cheers and good luck for your Music Technology course.  I
did the same course myself back in 1994.

On 8/16/2019 1:40 AM, Morne van der Merwe wrote:

Hello list

I’m planning to complete my music studies and one of the modules is
called Music Technology.  I must also be able to compose.  Is there
anybody on the list who use a music notation software like Sibelius
or Cakewalk Pro with NVDA?  And if so, how accessible is it?  And if
not, are there other recommendations available on the market?

Kind regards


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