Re: Please help, how tocansel indent sound in Nvda



already is in order.

The indenntation is off.


Dne 15.08.2019 v 9:07 hurrikennyandopo ... napsal(a):


Do the following to get there quickly.

Press the ctrl key +nvda key + the letter D this will bring up documentation formatting menu then tab down to Line indentation reporting: Off then turn it off it is a combo box and you might have it set to sounds or voice.

Then apply settings if you are happy.

Gene nz

On 15/08/2019 7:01 PM, Jarek.Krcmar wrote:
Hi all in this group,

I have experimentally set the indent sound, but I forgot, how I did it.

When I go example on web, I hear the sound Indend. The word Indent is also spoken to me.

I need the sound uncheck.

I have all in document formating unchecked.

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