Re: Espeak is not workin still workin in NVDA version next

Kakarla Nageswaraiah

Why is this inconsistency with regard to eSpeak? In the present
version, it says Telugu test when selecting the voice profile. In the
previous versions like 2011.3, it used to be Telugu only and not
Telugu test.

On 3/9/16, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Yes, this confirms a hypothesis set forth by some: settings issue. Please
send your nvda.ini file (from your user configuration directory) to me at and I'll send you the corrected version.

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From: Ângelo Abrantes []
Sent: Wednesday, March 9, 2016 7:12 AM
Subject: [nvda] Espeak is not workin still workin in NVDA version next

I don't nnow what's happening with portuguese "next" NVDA versions and
Here you have the nvda.log extract, where the error apears.
"Speaking [LangChangeCommand (u'pt_PT'), u'eSpeak NG'] IO -
inputCore.InputManager.executeGesture (15:01:24):
Input: kb(desktop):enter
INFO - synthDrivers.espeak.SynthDriver.__init__ (15:01:24):
Using eSpeak version 1.48.15 16.Apr.15
WARNING - synthDriverHandler.SynthDriver.loadSettings (15:01:24):
Invalid voice: pt-pt
ERROR - synthDriverHandler.setSynth (15:01:24):
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "synthDriverHandler.pyc", line 88, in setSynth
File "synthDriverHandler.pyc", line 499, in loadSettings
File "synthDriverHandler.pyc", line 29, in changeVoice
File "synthDrivers\espeak.pyc", line 219, in _set_voice
File "synthDriverHandler.pyc", line 366, in _get_language
KeyError: u'pt-pt'
WARNING - stdout (15:01:24):
OrderedDict([('262144', <synthDriverHandler.VoiceInfo object at
0x05930AF0>), ('65537', <synthDriverHandler.VoiceInfo object at
0x05930B50>), ('65536', <synthDriverHandler.VoiceInfo object at
0x05930BB0>), ('131073', <synthDriverHandler.VoiceInfo object at
0x05930C10>), ('131072', <synthDriverHandler.VoiceInfo object at
0x05930C70>), ('589824', <synthDriverHandler.VoiceInfo object at
0x05930CD0>), ('196608', <synthDriverHandler.VoiceInfo object at
0x05930D30>), ('196609', <synthDriverHandler.VoiceInfo object at".
Ângelo Abrantes

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K. Nageswaraiah

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