Re: Feature when reading text with dashes

Arno Schuh

Hi Ralf,

strange. The newsletter begins with 4 dashes. Do you can't see that?
If you only use speech - probably your speech engine read it aloud.
I use Nuance Vocalizer Steffi as my default German voice.
Probably when useing SAPI voices, Easpeak etc. they didn't do the same?

Yours sincerely


Ralf Kefferpuetz wrote:

Hello Armo,
I can't see any annoying dashes on that page. Where exactly do you
see them? Please give me a phrase to search for... Cheers,
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Subject: [nvda] Fw: Feature when reading text with dashes
uploaded an example at.
Arno Schuh wrote:
in a lot of HTML newsletters I have an annoying problem: They uses
lines with dashes.
NVDA reads dash dash dash dash dash dash dash etc.
Would be nice, if NVDA could recognize a row of lines with the same
characters like it do when the same characters are into a single
line. ------
Yours sincerely

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