Re: Feature when reading text with dashes

Arno Schuh

Seems you haven't read the problem carefully. The dashes are not in a line, but just one dash in a line, but several lines with such a single dash.

Brian Vogel wrote:

It is a simple matter to use the default dictionary to deal with this
if you have material that you read frequently that uses separator
lines, regardless of the character used.

I long ago added an entry to the speech dictionary to handle lines of
repeated asterisks, dashes, or plus signs, when there are more than
three in a row. I've extracted the component parts here:

Comment: Announce any long string of hyphens, plus signs, or
asterisks as "separator line"

Pattern: (\+|-|\*){3,}

Replacement: Separator Line

Type: Regular Expression

If that is included in the speech dictionary any line consisting of 3
or more of those characters, in any combination, will be announced as
"Separator Line." One could, of course, elect to have no replacement,
but I never do that. I want to know that something has been
encountered, and what the nature of it was.

I'll include a couple of examples, with a description of what follows
before each. They will all read as "separator line."

All Hyphens:

All Asterisks:

All Plus Signs:

All three characters in repeating combination:

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