Re: WP Gutenberg needs testers.


Well with the accessability tests I did with wpaccess team, gutenberg was all sorts of unfinnished that well.

Its supposed to be better, and those that got it wrong were told off, however, there is a classical editor plugin for wordpress about which I use.

As long as it is maintained I will not be well using that.

To be honest, as long as I can use wordpressmobile and don't have to rely on the weird wordpress site thats fine.

If it doesn't, at least for my blog, I will probably switch to blogger which is google  or go back to livejournal but with all the issues with hacks, and adds I wander if I should try to get a wordpress client to write my posts in though I have no idea what is accessible.

On 18/08/2019 2:48 AM, Robert Kingett wrote:

Wordpress added this new editor a while ago but it was not accessible. This write up explains more but the gist of it is that, frankly, blind people were not considered when building this new editor so now they are trying to retrofit accessibility into an already made editor. You can still use the Classic editor, both on .org and .com but the classic editor will be going away on both websites in 2022. December, I was told.

Anyway, they need testers. No, this is not paid. The below post explains what needs to be done to get this new editor. it is not available to anybody using yet, just self-hosted sites on .org. I've included the Github page below as well.

Gutenberg needs testers post.

The relevant issue on GitHub. I'd suggest leaving your comments there so it can be tracked easier.

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