Re: WP Gutenberg needs testers.


U can do it from a self-hosted wordpress site as well, if desired. Not
particularly something I'd recommend.

On 8/18/19, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
I have post by email setup on a site I blog to, however if you do that
its just a text dump.

all those > signs, all the links are just a text dump.

Its a crappy way to post and I only do that if I am transfering text
about but its not at all a niice way to read.

I have not heard anything from wordpress accessability about gutenburg6
so either they don't know about it or we havn't been asked to test it.

I really do hope they know what they are doing.

On 19/08/2019 5:26 AM, Robert Kingett wrote:

There is blogging by email,
<> for people using
.com, and not .org. That link is below. I'm amazed they didn't kill
the below feature like so many others have. Knocks on wood.

The post by email page <>

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