Re: PDF and NVDA problem


Well Acrobat is good, I would use balabolka as a text backup as well as extractor especially since it can handle secured documents, and I know at least one person I had to help last week with that particular issue.

Outside of that, for easy writing, cute pdf writer can be used to directly print any text dump to pdf and they have an editor which I have not tried which is free and some premium features.

Outside of that there is codex which uses the calibre system and which is also good.

If that doesn't work there are textpal, pdf2txt, and edsharp by empowermentzone.

Some of these are not updated and a lot of those scripted things I think they were ruby or autoit are recognised as viruses and malware now, probably because they are like bgt running functions inside interpritors.

You really shouldn't need to go backward using these tools though.

Supposedly without the codex front end calibre is supposed to be able to use this to.

Codex has its own custom calibre engine to.

On 19/08/2019 5:08 PM, Mohd. Ahtesham Shaikh wrote:
I use acrobat to read pdf documents.

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