webpage images with NVDA (was: Why does NVDA not find photos on this website?)

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

this is a follow-up to my question about why NVDA didn't find any images using the g shortcut keystroke on the Borrow My Doggy website when sighted members told me they could see the photos of the dogs.

After trying, unsuccessfully, to find the answer with one of the website developers I took a closer look at the html code behind the pages.

It turns out that they were coding images with ALT tags this way:
<IMG ALT="this is an image description" SRC="http://...">

I saved a webpage as a file on my laptop and edited the code so the ALT tag followed the SRC link, and NVDA recognised the graphic object.

I'm assuming since sighted people can see the photos, is there something in the NVDA program code that only recognises an image if the code is in the layout IMG SRC ALT so that IMG ALT SRC does not get picked up as a graphical element?

I was an occasional website designer many years ago and never coded an IMG tag with the ALT text between the IMG and the SRC and I've never ever seen a website code images that way. But, if it is technically okay to structure the image tag that way, should NVDA be able to cope with that structure too?


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