Re: webpage images with NVDA (was: Why does NVDA not find photos on this website?)

Andy B.

Each screen reader has a way of dealing with unlabeled images on the web. JAWS attempts to add an alt attribute automatically by giving the user a choice of reasonable defaults such as a filename. I don’t think NVDA has any reasonable default method for exposing images on websites. However, it’s worth a dev giving this thread feedback on the problem.



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From: Giles Turnbull
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Subject: Re: [nvda] webpage images with NVDA (was: Why does NVDA not findphotos on this website?)


one further question: is there any reason why an image without an ALT tag is not showing up to NVDA as a graphic? I thought a non-tagged image just used to be spoken as "graphic" but it was still navigable with the g shorcut. Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly.



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