Re: NVDA Still Sluggish in Thunderbird

Andy B.



I have similar problems, and am looking for another mail app to use. However, did you try limiting how much email TB pulls down? This is a huge performance problem, especially with gmail accounts.



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From: brian
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2019 4:03 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA Still Sluggish in Thunderbird


    When this happpens to me I have to restartmy nvda I also have nvda

2019.2 I have noticed that this problem occures when I turn my computer

on and when I come out of sleep mode.  That might provide some help.


Brian Sackrider


On 8/19/2019 12:52 PM, Don H wrote:

> I have experienced a couple of  times now since the most recent update

> to NVDA on my Win 10 1903 laptop and latest Thunderbird that when I

> open a message the arrow keys do not work.  Hitting the up and down

> arrow keys does nothing.  I resolved this issue by reloading the NVDA

> addons. It doesn't happen enough for me to start figuring out what is

> happening.

> On 8/19/2019 11:23 AM, Rich DeSteno wrote:

>> I wrote to this list a couple of weeks ago about the increasing

>> sluggishness of NVDA, particularly in Thunderbird  Unfortunately,

>> this problem did not improve with the recent NVDA update.  I wonder

>> if anyone connected with NVDA's development views this as a general

>> problem and if there are any plans to address it.  Not only is NVDA

>> slow to react to text, but it has spasms of silence for many seconds

>> at which times it does not react to up and down arrowing or any other

>> keystrokes.






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