Re: NVDA Still Sluggish in Thunderbird

Ron Canazzi

Hi Rich and all the others having this issue,

I am using NVDA 2019.2 with the Thunderbird enhancement app from NVDA community with Windows 10 1903 and latest updates and I really am not seeing this issue.  I wonder what anti virus or anti spyware programs are being used by those having the sluggishness issues.  In the old days, many times anti virus programs caused sluggishness with mail programs as well as other issues.  I am using Windows Defender and Malware bytes.

On 8/19/2019 12:23 PM, Rich DeSteno wrote:
I wrote to this list a couple of weeks ago about the increasing sluggishness of NVDA, particularly in Thunderbird  Unfortunately, this problem did not improve with the recent NVDA update.  I wonder if anyone connected with NVDA's development views this as a general problem and if there are any plans to address it.  Not only is NVDA slow to react to text, but it has spasms of silence for many seconds at which times it does not react to up and down arrowing or any other keystrokes.
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