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Richard Kuzma

Good eveing,

Before I lost my sight I used to do graphic design and use publisher.

No being blind I would think it would be pretty difficult to use it.

Most of the page layout programs are graphical environments and rely on pointing and clicking,

But I could be wong no adays.

You might be able to get away with using Microsoft word, which is more of a word processor, but now I am just spitballing.

Hope this helps or if I  can be of any more assistance,

Please just ask.




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Hi list.  Can blind people use a program called publisher?  The reason I am asking this. I want to volunteer at my local church.  However, the office staff uses publisher.  I do have a laptop with both Jaws and NVDA both latest builds.  Same with windows ten.  If it can be done how does a blind person work publisher?  Thanks and have a good day.


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