Re: NVDA menu

John Isige

You might also look into some of the voice control stuff. Can't
Dictation Bridge do commands? Or is that something in Windows? I thought
there was some way to have Windows execute commands when you yell at it,
but I haven't looked into it. But if there is, I'll bet you could set
something up to get at the menu with it.

On 8/20/2019 16:14, Luke Davis wrote:
On Tue, 20 Aug 2019, Gene wrote:

You can also access the system tray icons by installing the system
tray add-on and using insert, either insert, f11 to open the system
tray dialog.  However
you work with the system tray, you can open the NVDA menu from
there.  Use the right click command in the system tray itself, the
context menu key.  Just
pressing that key opens the menu.  You may not hear any indication
that it is opened, but if you down arrow, you will see all the items
in the menu.
You can also just press space on the NVDA icon to open it, if in
Windows 10.
Space may be easier, as its a larger key.


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