Re: CodeFactory eloquence&vocalizer addon and sapi5 eloquence


i meen hope cf update the addon to work with nvda 2019.3 with python3

On 2019-08-22 10:28, Ed Marquette wrote:

No technical assistance 

On Aug 21, 2019, at 9:42 PM, mattias <mjonsson1986@...> wrote:

i soon wonder if the codefactory addon are mainteaned

On 2019-08-21 22:29, Josh Kennedy wrote:



In comparing the CodeFactory sapi5 eloquence, and eloquence CodeFactory addon, comparing them to jaws with eloquence, sapi5 espeak, and the illegal eloquence, I noticed sapi5 espeak is more responsive and illegal eloquence is more responsive when arrowing through words letter by letter and is more responsive in general. Also espeak has better responsiveness than CodeFactory eloquence. So could CodeFactory please update their sapi5 eloquence and their NVDA addon and make it more responsive like espeak? I know it can be done, because both jaws with eloquence and illegal eloquence are more responsive than the CodeFactory addon that I purchased. Why can’t it be the other way around? Illegal eloquence is unresponsive and buggy while CodeFactory eloquence is responsive and fast? Why can’t CodeFactory please take the responsiveness code from espeak or I’ll just call it bad illegal eloquence and incorporate it into its own products? I like owning a legal copy of eloquence. But I do not like the fact that the bad illegal eloquence is more responsive than codeFactory’s version.





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