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Create a folder on the thumb drive just as you would anywhere.  If the files are the only thing on the drive, select all with control a. Then cut them, control x, open the folder, and paste them there, control v. 
The files will all now be in a folder.  You don't use the installer on the portable version.  Just delete the files.
I have said before that it is not good practice for the installer not to create a folder when it is creating the portable version.  This is an example of why. 
I experimented once to make sure if a folder is created and it isn't.  the files were splattered all over the folder I was creating the portable version in, along with all the other subfolders and other unrelated files in that folder. 

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Subject: [nvda] Nvda portable version

Hi all in this group,

I created portable version on usb flashdisk, but I found out, that the
installer did not create the folder Nvda. I want the portable version
uninstall from usb, but the uninstaller does not work.

I found this message:

Error launching installer


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