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There is a bit of confusion it seems going on.

There are two versions of office 365. The online version, and the actual installed version.

This is because the online version uses other hot keys and it is cloud based.

The installed version behaves more like the conventional desktop version most of us are used to dealing with.

The difference is that they will push updates monthly and so an online connection is required for this to happen.

However it will work offline as well, you just won't get the updates.

This is also a subscription based product, monthly or yearly unlike the desktop versions which you can use indefinitely.

Again, all files are stored on your computer unless you decide to use cloud services.

The installed version of 365 as I said works just like the desktop version with the exception of some dialogs, including the spell checker which adds a bit more tools, but all in my experience accessible.

The desktop versions will run you a bit more cash and won't be updated as often.

A subscription to 365 gives you access to the cloud based app as well as the installed downloads.

The cloud app is a bit different as it is a web based application with its own hot keys and work arounds, and it is mostly accessible and getting better all the time.

But again, to be clear it is a cloud based application which you can decide to use or not.

Yes, in my humble opinion MS could make the descriptions a bit more clear to all as there not only several flavors of office, but each subscription package gives access to certain things.

One such subscription lets you install 365 on one machine, while you can still use the cloud based app in other machines with your account.

Another will allow you to install the app in up to five computers.

I personally grabbed the cheapest I could find as this is all I need.

So I can use the installed application on one pc, but could use my tablet if I log on to the account and use the cloud based app.

I hope this clears things a bit.


On 8/22/2019 7:05 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 10:01 AM, Sam Bushman wrote:
Depending on the version [of Office 365] you purchase you may be able to download actual installable software.
Absolutely.   Microsoft has made as many versions/editions of Office as one could care to think about, and many one would prefer not to.   They also push Office 365, regardless of the variant, as being "the only Office available" if one takes seriously.

Were I to be buying Office new these days, it would be Office 2019, which was released last fall.

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